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Ufone Balance Check Code Tarike

Many ufone users, almost newbies that have recently converted their network, don’t know the Ufone Balance Check Code. As we all know that there are many companies and many network provides in Pakistan. All these connections provide the different offers and they all have different policies. In this topic today I will tell you how you can easily check your balance on your ufone sim. As we all know that Ufone is an old and popular network provider with thousands of packages of call, internet, voice and many other offers in all cities of Pakistan. Ufone has almost approximately 23 million users till now and the numbers are increasing daily. The second thing I like about ufone is the advertising and video commercials on this channel. They always get engaged with their customers by it’s funny and wonderful video advertising. 

The reason behind the success of ufone is the quality network and their wonderful packages to their users. So let’s go toward our topic and read the Ufone balance check code;

How to Check Ufone Balance?

If you are in search of ufone balance check code or ufone balance check karny ka tarika so i am here to help you. You can easily check your ufone balance by dialing the code that is also known as (USSD): *124# from your mobile phone. This code will do processing on your mobile screen and show you the result in four to eight seconds. Now there will be a question in your mind that how much charges would be deduct by checking the balance.

The service charges for checking the ufone balance are only Rs.0.12 plus taxes. In this enquiry you are able to know about the expiry date of your current balance. 

Name of InquiryCode of InquiryCharges of Inquiry
Balance*124#Rs. 0.12 Plus Taxes.

Some more related information about Ufone Balance Check

  • Irrespective of any package you are using or you subscribed, the procedure is the same for all the subscribers.
  • All the company terms and conditions apply, you can read all the terms and conditions on the company website.
  • Above is the code of checking your Ubalance and service charges. This code and charges are subjected to copyright. And can be changed any time by the company. 

The above was the method by which you are easily able to check ufone balance. Now what to do if you are out of balance. And nobody around you and all the shops and PCO are closed. So the great service provided by the Ufone that is also known as “UAdvance” of Ufone advance balance. By the “Uadvance” facility you are easily able to get a loan from the company in case of any emergency. But you must return that loan when you recharge your new balance. Company will automatically deduct this loan from your balance.

What is the Procedure of Getting Ufone Advance Balance?

  • Bring out your mobile phone and just dial from your prepaid number *456#.
  • The charges of Uadvance are the same for all ufone users that are Rs. 4.40 this amount inclusive all of taxes and will automatically deduct from your balance when you charge your amount next time.
  • You are eligible to get an amount of Rs. 20 loan in your current balance.
  • The eligible balance criteria is when your balance is low then Rs.11.

What is the Procedure of UAdvance for Postpaid Users?

  • Postpaid users also are eligible to get advance loan services by;
  • Dial *229# from their postpaid connections.
  • Charges for this transaction are Rs. 5 plus taxes.
Inquiry NameCodeCharges and Price
UAdvance for Prepaid*456#Rs. 4.40/- Plus Taxes
Uadvance for Postpaid*229#Rs. 5/- Plus Taxes.

The above was the details of your search, now below are some more information. This information is all about Ufone queries and the answers of some major questions. So let’s read all the terms and searches.

  • How to check Ufone Internet Balance
  • How to check ufone super card balance
  • How to check your ufone number
  • How to do Ushare
  • Ufone Helpline

List of All Ufone Inquiries

Inquiry NameCode Service Charges
Internet Balance Check*706#Rs. 0.12/-
Super Card Balance Check*706#Rs. 0.12/-
Ushare*828*Recipient number*Amount#.
Ufone Sim Number Check*780*3#
U Helpline333
ufone balance check code inquries

With this all information you won’t have to worry about Ufone sim and their inquiries. Especially about the ufone balance check code. If you are looking to check your balance free, i mean without any charges. Then i will suggest you to re-open your UPaisa account and install the application in your android and iOS mobiles. Login to your account and check the balance without any charges. Another method is to install the ufone app from play store and create your account and then login to your account. You have all the information about your sim like; call history, SMS history, packages you activated and balance inquiries etc. 

Please rate our information about the Ufone Balance Check and write your opinion in the comment box below. If we have something wrong in this article don’t hesitate to tell us by contact us page.


Happy with your Ufone Sim

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