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Importance of Pakistan in the World

Pakistan is the Islamic Republic state in South Asia and the importance of Pakistan in the world always great. As a sovereign political organization, Pakistan emerged in 1947 as a result of the partition of British India. It has a great importance in the world because of its border connected with other countries.

It is washed by the Arabian Sea in the south, borders with Iran in the southwest, Afghanistan in the north-west and north, China in the northeast and India in the east. Land borders: India – 2,912 km, Afghanistan – 2,430 km, Iran – 909 km, China – 523 km. China is the most favorite friend relations, due to this the Importance of Pakistan more increase.

Not only this we can also calculate the importance by the popularity. Our country is the sixth most populous country in the world with a population of 207,774,520 inhabitants according to the 2017 census and the second largest Muslim population after Indonesia (178 million and 205 million Muslims, respectively). Is a member of the United Nation (UN). The Commonwealth of Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, and also a member of the developing countries of the Group of 77.

Geographical Importance of Pakistan

The geographical “importance of Pakistan” is also unique and make it more popular in the ASIA. It is located in the north-west of South Asia, Indus Valley is the western part of the Indo-Gangetic plain. Located on the outskirts of the Indian platform. Most of the lowlands along the left bank of the Indus are occupied by the Thar Desert. The western and northwestern parts of Pakistan are occupied by the marginal ridges of the Iranian upland – Makran, Kirtkhar , Chagai, Tobakar, Suleiman. The most powerful and importance mountain chains with deeply dissected river valleys. And covered with large glaciers are located in the extreme north of Pakistan. It is also belong to the mountain systems of the Hindu Kush, the Himalayas and the Karakorum. In Pakistan there are about 40 peaks exceeding 7000 meters. All mountain areas of Pakistan belong to the young Alpine-Himalayan mobile belt. The most importance minerals are oil, gas and coal, confined to sedimentary complexes of the outskirts of the Indian platform. And ore of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in folded areas.

Importance of Pakistan in Middle East

The Middle East has attracted the whole world because of its wealth of oil resources. The Gulf War has shown the importance of this region. Pakistan is Adjacent to Middle East and its closeness with Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea has worked to enhance its significance. In cold war it played an importance role in Western block’s help to Pakistan as West feared Russian penetration in Middle East.

Israeli Aggression and Pakistan

Due to the spiritual and geographical closeness of Pakistan with Islamic countries. Pakistan provides services of its army officers to these brotherly countries. They also gives education of engineering, medicine and military training to the Arabs. In this way, Pakistan has played a significant role have importance in protecting Arab countries from Israeli aggression.

Indian Designs and Pakistan

India dreams of becoming a mini-super power of the region but they afraid of Pakistan. That is the reason that the other countries of South Asia (Sri-Lanka and Bangladesh etc.) feel a little secured and India is forced to give them their due status in SAARC.

Front Line country in war against Terrorism

: The western world is now a day is frightened by terrorism. They have branded Al-Qaida and Taliban as the champions of terrorism and they have waged a war against these forces. This war could not succeed without the cooperation of Pakistan. And USA and NATTO admire it officially many times

Climate Importance of Pakistan

Another importance is climate of Pakistan is dry continental tropical, in the northwest – subtropical, in the mountains in the north of the country – more humid with a clearly expressed altitude zonality. Winter on the plain is warm, in the highlands is very severe. Summers are hot in the mountains and on the highlands of the Iranian upland 20-25 ° C), in the highlands – frosty. Most of the precipitation falls during the southwestern monsoon, within the Iranian upland – in the winter-spring period.

Importance of Foreign Trade of Pakistan with other countries

Export (30.9 billion dollars in 2011) – textiles, rice, leather goods, carpets.

The main buyers are the USA 15.8%, Afghanistan 8.1%, UAE 7.9%, China 7.3%, Great Britain 4.3%, and Germany 4.2%.

Import (39.35 billion dollars in 2011) – oil, oil products, machinery, plastics, vehicles, iron and steel, tea.

The main suppliers are UAE 16.3%, Saudi Arabia 12.2%, China 11.6%, Kuwait 8.4%, Singapore 7.1%, and Malaysia 5%.

The Pakistan is important for the Pak- china corridor

“China-Pakistan economic corridor project Importance”

It is mainly driven by their paranoia about the US intentions to “check China’s rise” It is intended to establish greater maritime presence at Gwadar, located close to the strategic Strait of Hormuz, and to build land routes (motorways, rail links, pipelines) from the Persian Gulf through Pakistan to Western China. This is China’s insurance to continue trade with West Asia and the Middle East in case of hostilities with the United States and its allies in Asia. It will help to build infrastructure, stimulate Pakistan’s economy and create millions of badly needed jobs.

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