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14 Best Visiting Places in Karachi for Tourists

In this short story, we’ll discuss the best visiting places in Karachi, Pakistan. Karachi is the biggest city in Pakistan as well as the second-largest city in continental Asia. Karachi has many best visiting places for outing and especially for tourists in Pakistan. It is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and it is also famous as the city of lights. At the time of the establishment of Pakistan, made the capital city of Pakistan. It has many attractive and Beautiful sites for tourists for visiting. Here we will introduce some best visiting places in Karachi for tourists.

Best Visiting Places in Karachi


Mazar-e-qaid in Karachi

It is the tomb of our great founder of Pakistan (Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah). The tomb is located in the center of Karachi. Many people from all over the world visit it to show the deep devotion to the Quaid.

Mohatta Palace

It was constructed by a Hindu, who visits this palace during summers. There is also a Hindu temple in this palace.

Ibn e Qasim Park

It is known to be the largest urban park in the city for visiting. It has an eye-catching view of roses and turtle pond tourist visiting.

PAF Museum

It has aircraft, radars, and air weapons, which are usually used by air forces. It gives an amazing view to its visitors. I recommend this place especially to foreign tourists for visiting.

Sindh Karachi Pakistan

Masjid e Tooba

It is a dome-shaped building, which is known to be the largest dome-shaped building in the world, named Masjid e Tooba.

Karachi is one of the biggest city in Pakistan. It is well developed and famous for its beautiful sites. Tourists from all over the world love to visit it in Pakistan and taking all the advantages of traveling.

I hope this article will be the best tourist guide for you because. I am also going to mention other beautiful visiting places in Karachi Pakistan.

Arabian Sea Country Club

This is a calm and quiet place for golf lovers, cricketers, etc. which are known as the Arabian Sea Country Club.

Karachi Zoo

Children like animals So, Karachi zoo can be one of their dream place having different animal species.

Pakistan Maritime Museum

This is a naval museum consist of 28 acres. It based on naval heritage.

Sandspit Beach

It is a great point of interest, especially for tourists. One can find a great variety of marine life and the shallow water here is very suitable for swimming even for beginners. This beach has an unusual rocky formation and is ideal for sunbathing in winters.


It is a very popular picnic spot in Karachi Pakistan due to its long sandy beaches. There is also a Manora Light house that adds to the beauty of this beautiful small island, especially at night. Manora is connected with other harbors.

Beach View Karachi

Hill Park Karachi

This park incorporates many fast food centers, restaurants, and amusement parks. The artificial lake over here is the beauty of this park and makes it a famous tourist spot. One can visit the place with his family to get enjoyed anytime.

Chaukhandi Tombs in Pakistan

Chaukhandi tombs are the best place to visiting in Karachi, Pakistan. It’s a place to visit to feel the history and silence. These tombs were constructed during the Mughal era and are attributed to the Jokhio tribe.

Hawke’s Bay beach

Hawke’s Bay is a famous beach in Karachi. It is the most popular recreational point for tourists. It has a sandy beach with clear blue water, you can also get a hut at beachside on rent.

Regal Chowk

This visiting spot is only meant for shopping in Karachi. It is popular as it is surrounded by a large number of markets from where you can buy anything from big to small at an extremely reasonable price.

On Sunday, there is a flood of books in markets near Regal Chowk where bookseller’s come and make big sales.

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