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Best 5 BuySellAds Alternatives and Similar Sites

If you have facing the approval issue during apply for the famous direct advertise platform then don’t worry, Here we have buysellads alternatives also known as BSA. Let me introduce you little about Buy Sell Ads and its alternatives. BSA is the platform or connection between the blog/websites owner and the advertiser who want to advertise their products online. Mostly of us only know about the Google AdSense but this is not the end. There are always alternatives that give you maximum, and the BuySellAds is one of them. Creating account in BSA is easy 1, 2, 3 and go, submit your site easily. Once your account is approved you can earn more than Google AdSense buy selling the empty Ad-Space of your site. We are here to discuss the alternatives to BuySellAds not the BSA itself. If your site is approved with B then you don’t need to apply for these alternatives. But if you penalized than must have to choose the Right and Best BuySellAds Alternatives that must by high paying. Let’s have little look to some top high paying list of BuySellAds Network Alternatives.

Best BuySellAds Alternatives

The mostly people of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have always face the problems in every online activities. The reason behind these penalizing and suspension of various accounts people not read the “Terms and Condition” and “Privacy and Policy” pages. Due to these peoples, sincere bloggers also effects by strict rules for specific countries. Here I am going to share some best Alternatives to BuySellAds for Pakistan; these alternatives sites also have little description. Each and Every network has their own policies that you must read before apply. Before sharing this list, I also want to share “Google AdSense Alternatives in Pakistan” you might also have read that post. Here is the list of best 5 alternatives to BSA.

Alternatives to

  1. Google AdSense

The first and the Best Alternative to BuySellAds is Google AdSense, which is also known as the King of Advertising. New and old almost every blogger love to choose Google AdSense Network for advertising. I am also using this network for my three websites because of their responsive ads. Google updates their polices time to time, to apply for this network you need to have at least one websites that have 15 to 20 real posts (Not Copied from Net). After apply to Google AdSense you must to wait 2 days for response. I think this is the best ever BuySellAds Alternative in Pakistan.

  • Adclerks

Your website has daily 8,000+ visitors then you must taste the direct advertising network to sell Ads space to others. We all know that BuySellAds is the best advertising network for direct advertising. AdClearks which was previously known as Publicity Clerk is the second best alternative for direct advertising after I had also placed an ad at the right sidebar of my website, you check the swift ads of AdClearks by visiting my other website

  • Inforlinks

Infolinks Network would be the best ever alternative of BuySellAds. Inforlinks was founded in 2007, it becomes in the top of the list and best choice for Advertisers and Publishers both because of their unique types of advertisement method. Infolinks advertising tag your article words and creates links automatically, you can also show the side bar frames in ads, not only inframe, infold is also good ads. I also approved the infolinks network on my website very easily; you can withdraw the payment from Inforlinsk via Paypal, Bank Transfer, Check and Payoneer. If you have penalized by BuySellAds you can use this Alternatives for advertising in Pakistan.


Here is the collection of the best ever BuySellAds networks alternatives and Media.Net is of them. We know that term and conditions of BuySellAds are strict but you can use the as alternative of Buy Sell Ads. This network is the second biggest advertising network after Google Adsense. is the contextual ads network of Yahoo and Bing companies. The minimum payment of is $100 and the method of payment is PayPal and Wire Transfer.

  • BlogAds

BlogAds is good and tuff competitor and alternatives of BuySellAds. As like BSA, it has also advance advertising options of RSS and Twitter business account advertising. The Web owners can earn 70% revenue and 14% commission on direct advertising and by referring advertiser.

List of Other Advertising Networks

All the above advertising networks are same and best alternatives to Buysellads. The all have different terms and policy, you need to read first before applying to each of them. Below are some other names that may be better alternatives to BuySellAds.

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