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Daily Archives: September 22, 2020

Roza Kholne ki Dua, Aftari and Fasting Dua for Muslims

Aftari Dua, Roza kholne ke dua

In Pakistan Ramadan Month is one of the blessing month for all Muslims, if you keep fasting you must have the knowledge of “Roza Kholne ki Dua”. In other words we can also say the Dua for Aftari and in English languages it is called Fasting Dua. Today I am going to share the Roza kholne ki Dua in Urdu, …

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Parts of body names in English Urdu PDF with Pictures

Parts of body names in english urdu pdf pictures

Here is the presentation of Parts of Body Names in Urdu and English with Pictures and in PDF format. This Human body Parts names helps the children to learn all the body parts names in early stages and helps to improve study and position in class. There are many books in Urdu on Parts of body names but if there …

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