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Pros and Cons of Smart Phones
Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay Points

Read this article from head to down to reveal the secret advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in our world. Though, this is a true fact that whenever we have advantages of something then this is an obvious thing to have some disadvantages as well.

However, as we all know that mobile phones have many names like cell phones, smartphones, or even some people called it a telephone. Although, using a smartphone has its own ups and downs which is all depends on your using ability about how you utilize your mobile phone. Therefore, if you are using your phone in a generic way for example: to communicate only, then the phone will give lots of advantages and Benefits. But though, if you are using the phone for browsing or using unwanted sites, then this might be bringing up with many disadvantages or Drawbacks.

Now, right down below, we are talking about the deep “Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones” in mostly our young generation. As because, this generation can take their phones as a granted and started using it in a wrong way, which might be bringing them in the land of “crimes and other dangerous deeds”. Before going toward Advantages and Disadvantages let’s have little intro of Smart Phones;

What is a Mobile Phone?

Before revealing the facts about the disadvantages and advantages of mobile phone, we will let you know to understand that what a Cell Phone is basically for us. However, according to the simple definition, a mobile phone is a kind of portable telephone that has a simple way through a cellular radio system.

Although, this system enables the mobile phone to receive calls, send messages, and also have an access to the Internet (and even so much more!) without having any kind of cables or attached wires.

Moreover, to this, a mobile phone is apparently unique from ancestral those land line phones. As we all know, that the mobile phone was first actually introduced by the company Motorola in the year 1973. And after this first launch, the entire world has been covering with the different and latest types of mobile phones or smart phones.

Now, swipe down to reveal the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in your daily routines. This will surely help you to take a control of your activities, just in case, if you are finding yourself in the disadvantage stage of mobile phone.

Advantages of Mobile Phones

  • Convenient and Portable in UseBenefits of Smart Phones

The first advantages of mobile phones are so convenient and easy to use anywhere you want, as, they didn’t need to attach with wires or cables every time. You just need a cable at the time of charging the device and when the charge is done, just pull out the phone and use it anywhere.

  • Keeps you connected to the World

With the help of a mobile phone, you will stay connected with the world via Internet connections. You just need to make settings in your phone regarding the Internet session and let the world begin to show you on your mobile. It is as simple as that, you can easily watch world news, as you don’t need to take a newspaper for that. There are also many Advantages of Internet.

  • Entertainment and Fun

You can stay entertained with your phone as far as you want. The mobile phones have FM radio facility built-in which will allow you to listen to your favorite shows anytime, anywhere. However, mostly in all type of cell phones, you will see built-in games which are also a very entertaining thing to make you stay busy in any boring situation. More use of smart phones for the purpose of entertain may be harmful for the health.

  • Makes our communication way easier

Mobile Apps Advantages

Yes, we can make calls and send messages instantly, when we miss someone or needed to talk with them. Mobile phones just make our life easier and lots more convenient. We can easily talk to our long-distance relatives or friends easily without any waiting for the land-line services.

Although, with the help of smartphones, we can now easily make live video calls as well via “skype, imo or whatsapp” instantly, without any hesitation and we can easily see each other and cover the long-distance relation also. Read also Advantages of Whatsapp.

  • Alarms and a perfect reminder

When we have a mobile phone, it will help us to stay up to date with the family/friend’s birthdays, wedding ceremonies, anniversaries, or many other occasions with the help of a reminder. Though, every type of phones has built-in software related to the alarm and reminder which will help you in the future and wakes you up at the perfect time.

  • Much more Facilities

Mobile Gadgets

Our phones are not just here to make calls and SMS, we can do much more with that. As every kind of phones has a torch, sound recording feature, calculator, data storage feature, and much more by which we don’t need any other gadget to save these things. 

  • Safety

As we all know, that every type of phones nowadays has a built-in GPRS technology by which they can follow the path of their destination easily. If we have a smartphone, then we can get access to activate the GPRS tracker and allow our friends and family to keep an eye on us while we are on the traveling.

As the mobile phone will provide you a great way of security and safety just if you forgot your direction or get in trouble with any situation, your phone’s GPRS make you able to find the right path and go home safely. However, you can also make emergency calls easily when you have faced any trouble or difficulties. That was some advantages of mobile phones now move toward some disadvantages of mobile phones:

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Makes you isolate with the people

Yes, if we are constantly using the mobile phones in a wrong way will keep us isolate with the people around us. As for example: we have seen that a group of students sitting on a coffee table while using their phones but not talking to each other. This is the main and worst thing about having a phone in our lives; it makes us separate for the lively world.

  • Health issues

Health Disadvantages

Most of the people have habits to use their phones till late nights and this will cause them eyesight issues as well as other health problems. According to the latest research on technology, late night use of phones, especially in the dark room where the lights are off, can be very dangerous for the human’s health as they can suffer from blindness as well.

  • Gives us risks and privacy issues

In this world, full of smartphones where the cameras are the major privacy concern nowadays. As every smartphone have a technology which can easily zoom in the subject you want easily and capture it without even the knowing the subject. And, in some cases, people are using their phones to capture other’s private moments and later on, blackmailing them to earn money.

  • A huge increment in traffic and accidents cases

Accident While Using Mobile

Due to the overuse of mobile phones, people are getting out of control and don’t follow the traffic rules which might be ending up in severe accidents. Many people use their phones while driving, which is seriously prohibited in most of every country in the world. But still, people breaking the laws when they get sudden calls or messages while they are driving a car, which makes a huge distraction and accidents, happen!  Biggest Disadvantage of Mobile Phone in my Opinion.

  • Waste of energy and time

The use of mobile phones can actually give us some major facts of wasting our time and energy while sitting throughout the day. As we mentioned above that too much use of mobile phone can make a huge impact on our health which means, if you use our phones, it will cause us weight gain, eye pain, headache, and many other issues which can distract us from our daily routines.

  • Lack of studies

Mostly in the young generation, the use of a smartphone is increasing like a fire which might be led to them lacking studies. When students always use their phones, they can never be stay concentrated on their studies. And this impact can make their future worse and bitter in every matter.

  • Loss of Money

In our prior days, the mobile phones were not that much important as they are now. And to make the communication easier, the companies have made such expensive and full of the latest feature phones which are become the must thing in our lives to buy every new gadget as soon as possible. Though, we don’t make a compromise on one single phone, we need to change the phone every other year or even some people change their phones every other month, which make a great loss of money.

So, always respect your money and don’t waste it on these timely gadgets, though, you can spend your money to feed some needy people as well.


Using too much of mobile phone can seriously make a huge and bad impact on our lives. We should need to understand the facts that every technology has its own ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES, no single technology is developed here which has only advantages but not a single disadvantages. So, keep these things remember that too much use of every technology gadget can give you major goosebumps related to your social life, personal life, as well as your education life. If you have in mind any idea about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones, don’t hesitate to tell us by using the below comment box or by Contact us page.

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